African american’s homelessness

Johnson, looks at America’s social system from the perspective of Socialistssociology. His book specifically examines ” privilege” (p. ) in America. The author of this book acknowledges that he, himself, is privileged as a White, educated, and male. In contrast The Community of Self, written by Mall Saba’s, addresses the Issue of people’spsychologyas It relates to ultra Issues.

The book also gives a unique psychological view on the African- American communities. The author is coming from the prospective of an African American, male with a degree in physiology. With Johnny’s, Privilege, Power, and Differences, I was able to link that concept back to why my husband’s boss who cannot relate to him and will not help in furthering hiscareer. His boss comes from a world of privilege and will not admit it. Both books really resonated with me; however

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