A modest proposal essays example

In a country, where drug and drug abuse are illegal, a visit to the rehabilitation centers would be both shocking and amazing. The number of youngsters in the centers and their nature leaves one wondering whether drugs are illegal in the country. A visit to prisons would also shock someone. Many youngsters suffer in prisons because of drug and drug abuse. A majority of the people in these facilities comprise of young people from poor backgrounds. The hard economic times are the main reason for drug use among the youngsters. Some youngsters use drugs as a way of escaping their problems while others sell drugs to get some extra cash. Those that escape the arm of the law and roam free end up in rehabilitation centers or mental institutions. They have lost hope of ever succeeding in life. Whereas the youngsters who are the future of the nation suffer and languish enslaved by the chains of drug abuse, the suppliers and beneficiaries of the drug trade roam free buying islands and swimming in pools of money. The government is busy attacking the youth leaving the real culprits as free as the birds that live in their abandoned mansions. The future of these youngsters and the future of the nation as a whole are in jeopardy because of the modus operandi of the contemporary system.
The only solution to this problem is legalizing the use of drugs. Why waste the government’s funds and resources trying to help people who do not need your help? Why increase the suffering of the youngsters by locking them in mental institutions, rehabilitation centers, or even prisons? Why not let them carry the illusions and fantasies of the world they create in their minds to their graves. Though mad and insane, they will die happy. Legalizing drugs will increase the market for the drug suppliers it will provide jobs to a majority of people. Imagine the big marijuana farms in the countryside or the cocaine stalls on the streets of the city. Imagine the amount of taxes that the country will earn from the booming business. Tourists will flock into the country to get a dose of freedom of the mind. The people will be so high on drugs no one will feel the pinch of paying taxes. In a few years, the country will be full of mad people. However, who needs sanity when we are rich and free? The rich drug barons will live free and trade free while the poor drug addicts will have the ability to create their own imaginary rich world. We will all be a free and happy as a nation.
Many people argue that arresting drug barons and suppliers would rescue the youth from the chains of drug abuse. This outrageous plan cannot solve the problem of drug abuse in the country. Most of these youths need the drugs for their happiness. The youth face many problems on a daily basis. The youths face so many problems on a daily basis that none of them wants to be sober and face them in real. Even if we stop the youth from using drugs problems like climatic disintegration, incurable diseases like cancer and AIDS and war will send them to their early graves. Why don’t we let the youth enjoy the few days they have in this disintegrating world? In a world where nuclear bombs are being created every day in preparation of an eminent war, the doom of the future generation is inevitable. We should legalize drugs and ensure that the end of humanity is better.