A good team player essay sample

This is the case study of Stevan who is the Assistant Department Manager and has years of experience working with major industrial firm. During his years of experience he has learned the “ ins” and “ outs” of survival in an intensely bureaucratic organization. It is thus not surprising that he was very relaxed and unconcerned when a new manger Kristin get transferred to Steven’s division from a similar position. Kristin is experienced as a manager and determined to perform his new assignment with the same force that has bought him so much success. Kristin introduces herself to her new subordinates and asks for their suggestions to improve current situation.

I feel Stevan behavior was very unethical and also very unprofessional . He shouldn’t have reacted the way he did. If he was not satisfied with the promotion system , in which managers used to give promotion based on who they liked. The way he approached the new manager was totally unacceptable. He should have given some time to the new manager so that she could see herself what is happening is totally unethical. Also instead of saying this thing to the manager in front of other team member is also very unethical. He should have talked to her personally during the right time , and with some evidence to prove himself whatever he is saying is correct. I feel when you are working as a team , you should respect everybody and if you have any concerns you should talk your problem with your manager and ask for help , instead of just showing your frustration in front of everybody.

At the same time I feel Kristin reaction to Stevan’s unethical behavior was also not right. She showed her anger and asked Kristin to give the names of the manager who he believes involved in promotional scam. Instead she should have asked Stevan is he having any evidence of what he is saying. On what grounds he feels that manager are giving promotion on wrong way. She should have also told him that the way he reacted in front of other team members is not acceptable and he should work as a team , and if he is having any problem he can directly come and talk to him. Instead she asked Stevan to give the names of Manager that he believed is wrong. She should have handled the situation in better way.

I feel Stevan should apologize for his behavior and should have told the new manager that whatever he said yesterday was his anger and he feel sorry for his misbehavior .