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Of all the academic writing websites, WritingGem
shines the brightest of them all.

It’s not just a free sample essays database. It’s a full-fledged platform with plenty of writing resources, including academic essay writing and referencing guides.

WritingGem can satisfy the absolute most of your studying needs, whether you want to know how to use a specific citation style, write a particular type of paper, or to look for the best writing tools.

Our website has all of the above and more.

Thousands of Free Essay Examples

Samples presented on WritingGem serve numerous purposes and have plenty of ways to use them.
  • Introducing students to a particular paper type.
    Let’s say you've got an assignment for a research paper you’ve never written before. With examples of works on our site, it will be much easier to understand, what the essentials of this paper type are, and what you should pay close attention to.
  • Acting as a source of inspiration.
    It may be challenging to get yourself into the proper writing mood, especially if you don’t relate to the topic of your paper. With the help of our sample essays, high school and college students can fight writer’s block and get an abundance of ideas to craft their own work.
  • Being a starting point for research.
    We know how hard it is sometimes to find trusted and relevant information sources. Essay examples posted on WritingGem include not only the work's text but also the reference list you can use to find resources while conducting research for your paper.
  • Demonstrate the way to use a citation style.
    Numerous citation styles with their specific requirements are definitely not something you can quickly memorize. So, another purpose of free sample essays posted on WritingGem is to show how exactly papers written in a specific citation style should look like.

Endless Essay Topic Ideas

To make it easier to find that one specific example, we’ve made essay compilations on a variety of popular topics and themes, from all disciplines and study fields you can think of.

Are you looking for college essay ideas? Try browsing through WritingGem’s database, and you’ll see that coming up with ideas has never been easier.

Our database includes a wide selection of essay types, too. Persuasive essay topics, narrative essay topics, or any other type you’re interested in—we’ve got you covered on all fronts.

Academic Writing Self-Help

For those of you who prefer to solve academic challenges by themselves instead of crying for help at the slightest issue, we’ve come up with this section. It’s got writing resources that are going to assist you in finding a solution even to the most difficult task.

Writing How-To Guides

Academic essay writing usually doesn’t seem to be that tough at first glance. But later, it can turn out to be a real pain in the neck. All because of small details and various requirements for different essays that you’re simply unable to see when you first encounter it.
That’s why we've come up with various writing guides that are meant to make the whole process of creating a perfect essay a bit simpler. With their help, you’ll get to crafting a flawless paper closer than ever.

Writing Tools

Long gone are the days when you could only rely on your teacher, classmates, and a bunch of books when seeking help with essay writing.
Today, it’s easier than ever to take advantage of developed technology and take paper writing to the whole new level with writing tools.
  • Text summarizer.
    Coming up with a summary of your paper often seems like unnecessary extra work. Mainly because when you’re done with writing the main body and all the conclusions, the feeling of accomplishment as spoiled as you remember that there’s also a summary to write. So, our text summarizer will definitely come in handy for situations like that or whenever you need to get a summary for your work.
  • Essay idea generator.
    Getting fresh and exciting ideas for an essay may sometimes be more complicated than writing the piece itself. That’s why you should try our idea generator. It will make the brainstorming session much more enjoyable and less stressful, as well as bring the desired result.
  • Grammar checker.
    This is another essential tool that can bring your paper closer to perfection. With grammar checker, you’ll be sure that your writing is flawless and doesn’t contain any mistakes.
  • Plagiarism checker.
    Plagiarism can cause a lot of trouble. The worst part is that you may not know it’s even there. Our plagiarism checker will help you ensure that your paper is entirely original and none of it is plagiarized.

Referencing and Citing

Trying to figure out how to correctly add references and cite your paper probably caused many students severe headaches.
All that trouble will be in the past with assistance from WritingGem. We’ve come up with definitive guides to some of the most popular citation styles. To make it even less stress-inducing, we’ve developed citation generators that will help you to follow all the requirements to the dot.

Citation Style Guides

Our citation style guides will tell you everything you need to know about a specific style:
  • APA essay format
  • MLA citation guide
  • Chicago style guide
  • Harvard citation style
  • IEEE style
  • Vancouver citation guide

Citation Generators

With citation generators, you can be completely sure that your essay will fit all of the requirements of a citation style. Our generators include but are not limited to Chicago, MLA, and APA citation styles.